Saturday, July 09, 2005

Macrame in the Millenium

Hello there fellow Macrame Lovers!

This blog is designed to bring you the latest information, tools and tips for those of us who enjoy being 'crafty'. I am also interested to hear your thoughts, feelings and ideas as this blog is about being a news source that enhances your interest in macrame - so please do feel free to post what it is you would most like to know about this wonderful craft or share experiences you have had with it.

For myself - well I am back into the world of macrame after quite a long hiatus - I used to have quite a successful little macrame business as a...wait for it...8 year old. I sold plant holders, wall hangings, lamp shades, you name it!

And you know what, whilst scrapbooking is huge right now....I reckon macrame is coming back with a vengeance, our numbers are growing....and let us spread the word, as it is such a fun, easy (OK some knots can get curly to figure out) and visually appealing craft that anyone of any age can do - for pleasure....or for payment.

So stay tuned, and please post to your heart content, that is what this blog is here for!!!

Carolyne :)