Sunday, August 07, 2005

Macrame Ideas To Inspire You!

Hello wonderful knotters!

A lovely friend of mine, who is what I would term a super duper, experienced, advanced Macrame person has sent me some gorgeous snaps of both her work and also some photo's from Pattern books that she has used to gain inspiration from.

And get this - they are in German and she doesn't speak German.

As she said to me - you don't always need to follow a pattern - sure when you are an absolute beginner, but when you know the knots, or have instruction handy for them, you can either mix and match from a couple of patterns, or simply use them to visually inspire you to create your own original piece!

How cool is that. Check out these pictures of really beautiful, eye catching work.

Carolyne :)

King Country Rocks!

Free macrame pattern: Lawn Chair: "Free macrame pattern: Lawn Chair
Woven Macramé Lawn Chair Instructions

By: Dawn L. King

Free step by step instructions for weaving a lawn chair with macrame cord, includes detailed instructions and photographs to assist you from turning an empty macrame chair frame and some macrame cord into a wonderful macrame lawn chair.
Supplies You Will Need:
1 - Macrame chair frame

1- Amount of macrame cord corresponding to your type of frame:

Plastic-arm macrame chair: 200 Yards 6mm Macrame Cord
Plastic-arm macrame rocker: 200 Yards 6mm Macrame Cord
Wood-arm macrame chair: 250 Yards 6mm Macrame Cord
Wood-arm macrame rocker : 250 Yards 6mm Macrame Cord
Solid-oak macrame chair: 200 Yards 6mm Macrame Cord
Solid-oak macrame rocker : 200 Yards 6mm Macrame Cord
Children's plastic-arm chair: 140 Yards 3-4mm Macrame Cord
Lounge chair: 400 Yards 6mm Macrame Cord

2- Size K crochet hooks for 6mm cord or 2 size J crochet hooks for 3-4mm cord.

"Hi there fellow Macrame Lovers - I don't know if you are aware of this already....? King Country is an awesome website that offers you amazing deals with Macrame and free patterns - I have included the start of one above - just click on the link to get the full pattern for yourself. Happy knotting, Carolyne :)