Tuesday, July 12, 2005

PixelPaxil: New-School-old-school

PixelPaxil: New-School-old-school: "This was tucked away in an issue of ReadyMade magazine. If you've never heard of ReadyMade...well, it's a magazine for hipsters who like to recycle stuff into new stuff. They're part of the whole movement that's rekindling the joys of crafting.

What? You didn't know there WAS such a movement? Look around! Old-school is the new New-School. Macrame pants are in! But instead of yarn, use old ethernet cable!"

I was browsing the internet and fell across this article. See Macrame just pops up everywhere! Imagine creating pants from cable! Hmmmm I don't think I'll be rushing to own a pair soon. Though big thanks for continuing to expand our creativity! :)