Monday, October 31, 2005

Macrame For Halloween

Hello there fellow Macrame Lovers,

I have been so busy with my day job that I have been neglecting posting on my blog :(. What has been happening in your worlds?

Did anyone create any Macrame for Halloween? I would love to see what you produced. Please feel free to send me a sample to : .

I am excited to say that I am venturing up your way to the beautiful state of Florida and I can hardly wait. I have been scouting the weather maps to get a feel for the weather at this time of the year. My destination is Orlando.

If you have any tips to offer about what to pack I am all ears.

Well I hope you are well, and please let me know what you would most like to see on this blog and I will do my best to produce it for you ( I have my trusty magic wand and top hat :) ).



Friday, October 21, 2005

Lagerfeld Does Macrame!

AP Wire | 10/07/2005 | Coco meets James Dean at Lagerfeld's show: "For his spring collection for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld imagined a meeting of two great icons: Coco Chanel and James Dean.

Influenced by traditional Chanel tweed and a rock 'n' roll image of the 1950s movie idol, Lagerfeld sent out eclectic garments for Chanel's spring-summer 2006 ready-to-wear collection in a Paris fashion week show on Friday.

At times, James Dean lookalikes appeared in weathered leather jackets and jeans, a way to introduce similar items into the women's collection.

A tough-looking, long and lean black leather jacket was worn with knee length shorts. Then came a graceful white re-embroidered macrame top worn with three-quarter sleeves over matching flared skirt."

So what Macrame fashion piece do you have in your wardrobe for this season? All the best designers are onto it.....and so are we :)

Homeless Kids Find Voice In Macrame

Beacon Journal | 10/15/2005 | Homeless kids find voice in art: "This past summer, artists and volunteers worked with about 150 students at Safe Landing, Access, the Battered Women's Shelter and Catholic Worker, a program that provides transitional housing and is mainly helping immigrants and their families.

The students did macrame and reverse-image printing, and made beaded bookmarks, jewelry, masks, sock puppets and frames. The volunteers and artists tried to incorporate other subjects into the activities, including reading, writing and history.

Gabina Davila, a parent liaison with Catholic Worker, said many of the students had one or both parents working during the day. She said the kids enjoyed the arts and crafts activities".

This touched me deeply and reinforced to me the power of art and crafts such as Macrame to heal, both physical and emotional wounds just through pouring ourselves and igniting our creativity that comes from our heart. It has got me thinking where and how else can we expose others to Macrame and/or other crafts so they too can feel more joy, peace anf fulfilment in their lives. :)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Big & Small Ads - Hilarious Tangent From Macrame

Hi fellow Macrame Lovers,

I thought you might enjoy clicking on these links. I currently reside down under in Oz, and there is an ad running down here that is receiving local and international attention for its clever use of humour to sell the product.

Click on this link to enjoy for yourself:

Big Ad

And if that wasn't enough!!! Another clever Aussie company has made this ad as a p-sstake of the first ad which was a p-take of advertising!!!

Check it out, its a scream...

Small Ad

I'd love to hear your thoughts....or at least your laughter!


Carolyne :)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lady In Red - Macrame Wall Hanging

Hi lovely Macrame-ites,

I am back from my vacation and what a wonderful time I had with some of my family members. It was truly special!

And when I got back I found this wonderful example from the same source as the key ring below. Do I feel lucky or what to be sent this to share with you.

I am not sure why I titled it as above - I guess it is so vibrant that that song came into my mind.

I hope you also are inspired by this creative offering.

Carolyne :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Awesome Readers Macrame Keyring Handicraft!

Hi there sensational Macrame-ites,

Check out this that a delightful reader sent me. As part of my product offering - you know the awesome downloadable book I offer, I also offer a 7 day free 'tips and tidbits' email course.

I have been receiving wonderful feedback from subscribers, and what is more special to me, is that some are sending me examples of their very fine handy work, like this picture below.

Thank you 'Da Bear' :).

I hope you are having lots of fun knotting away, do send me some piccies, I love to see how creative everyone is.


Carolyne :)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Stylish Macrame Beaded Scarf

Margie Makes..: "Sunday, October 02, 2005

Behold! Macrame scarf with wooden beads! I ended up using all of three balls and a bit of the fourth and it's certainly long enough"

Look what else I found - Macrame is running rife in Australia, my posing before was also from another wonderful Aussie. I hope you find this inspiring and do check out Margie's blog - it is worth a look! :)

Bright & Breezy Macrame Wall Hanging

Fibre Fancies. Exploring forms in textiles and threads of fact and fantasy: "Thursday, September 29, 2005
Macrame hanging. Looks good on a small window, but fades a little.

Check out this lovely bright and breezy wall hanging. Very colorful!!! :)

Tied Up With Something Other Than Macrame..can you believe it?!

Hi there lovely Macrame Lovers,

I have been tied up with something other than my can call it the day job. All good. And I am soon to be enjoying a fabulous holiday with my mother and sister, so there will be fewer postings over the next couple of weeks.

Though will send you some juicy stuff shortly to wet your palate, and please do send me examples of the work you created, I love seeing the fruits from your fingers.


Carolyne :)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Linen Cording Works Macrame Wonders

Hi there lovely Macrame Lovers,

I thought I would share a snippet from my book re different kinds of cording you can use, which may serve to open up even more creative options for you as you are happily knotting.



Linen cording comes in a wide variety of colors and weights which makes it very desirable for many knotting patterns. Linen has the strength and diversity that many other types of cording don’t have, making it great for Macramé projects that need to be strong and durable. Linen cording is often used in Macramé wall hangings and looks great when combined with other types of cording, such as cotton and silk. The one thing that you need to keep in mind is that linen cording will fray easily so you’ll have to be very sure to finish off the ends of your project carefully.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Recommended Macrame Reading

Handcrafted by Elaine - macrame instructions - additional resources FAQ: "CAN YOU RECOMMEND MACRAME BOOKS?

I am often asked whether I can recommend any books. There are many books, old and new, on macramé. I am not familiar with most of these books. There are two books that I know well and can recommend.

The first is The Macramé Book by Helene Bress. This book has instructions for lots of variations on the basic knots - similar to what I'm trying to do on my web site. It was originally published in the early 70's and was out of print for a long time. A few of years ago it was revived. It also shows the work of some artists including some spectacular wall hangings. The original edition is the only macramé book that I owned for many years. This is not a book for people who want step-by-step instructions for projects.

The second book is The New Macramé edited by Katie DuMont and published in March 2000 by Lark Books. A lot of the work used in that book is my work. This book is a macramé jewelry and accessories book which includes some really nice and very diverse work beautifully photographed. It also includes step by step instructions for specific pieces. Instructions were provided by the artists and then revised to fit the format of the book. Some beginners have found the format of the instructions in that book a little difficult to follow, but after a little experience you should be able to follow many of these patterns. I provided instructions for some of my work for that book. When my instructions were translated to the format of the original hardcover book some changes were made and I noticed a few corrections that were needed. I have created a corrections sheet for my projects that I can e-mail to anyone who has the book. Most of these corrections were made before the publication of the softcover edition. I do not receive any royalties from the sale of this book.

Well of course I'd want to add my book in there, AND I know that to have more than one book on something you love IS a good thing, so do check them out, and thanks again to Elaine for her tips. :)

The House of Macrame

emyko: "my urge to create things is something I doubt will ever go away, and I think that is what makes me an artist. Maybe it will be hanging macrame plant holders or scarves or dishes or drawings. And maybe those things will appeal to other people and make them want to give me money. But mostly, I like to create because it makes me happy, not only to make something beautiful, but to make something that is useful to me. When I am an adult with my own home, I would like to make as many of the things in my home as possible. Obviously shoes and dishwashers would be a bit difficult, but I'd like to make my own furniture and plates and wall art. And anything else that I can figure out how to make. I think that would be immensely satisfying."

I loved this post from Emyko's blog - it just felt so magical reading it - being creative does fill us with such a wonderful feeling - satisfaction, completion, love, peace and whatever words you would use to describe it for you. What a beautiful share :)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Who Is Your King Pin Macrame Supplier?

Hi fellow Macrame Lovers,

I received a lovely email from someone in Brisbane Australia asking me about finding suppliers.

I recommended her to the online ones, as I find online shopping to be wonderful convenient and international - oh and safe, I have never had a bad experience - touch wood!!!

I would love to know who you recommend as your favorite 'King Pin' Macrame supplier? Can be in the 'real world', a Craft Shop down the road, or your preferred Internet Supplier of Materials

I really welcome your thoughts.

Best to you

Carolyne :)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Jute - The Grand Dame Of Macrame Yarn

I thought you might enjoy this excerpt from my book. Like we all have our preferences - mine is for Jute - it is what I made my very first Macrame Project - a Planter - with all those years ago. I remember dying up a storm in the laundry with the Condese Crystals (not sure if I spelled that the right way of not!?). It really is the most wonderful of yarns to work with - in my book at least......:)


Jute is a great material to use for many Macramé projects. It is not too costly and the thickness of the yarn will give you fast results. You can buy jute in 2-ply sizes all the way up to 5-ply. One thing to keep in mind when you’re using jute is that it is not colorfast. This means that if you’re going to be using the jute in a project that is going to be subjected to electric or natural light for an extended period of time that it will fade. You’ll find that the natural tone of jute, which is a sandy, light colored brown, will be great for natural projects when you’re going to be using objects such as shells, stones, natural beads, and other rustic items.

Jute is also available in dyed colors for those Macramé projects where you need color. Or you can take your Macramé craft one step further by dying your own jute.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

More Groovy Macrame Knotting Tips

Handcrafted by Elaine - macrame instructions - additional instructions FAQ: "HOW CAN I FINISH A NECKLACE, BRACELET, ETC. AT THE CLASP?

When you are down to 4 cords, working up toward your clasp, you can make a square knot sennit. Bring the core cords around a jump ring or the loop in your clasp, leaving at least a half inch between the end of your sennit and the ring. Using 4 core cords (the original ones and the same cords looped back behind your piece), tie some more square knots until you are near the clasp. Tie the ends of your cords behind the square knots and glue.


One method of adding cords would be to separate 4 cords into two groups. Take a new cord (folded in half) and use it as your knotting cords to make a square knot with two of the old cords as core cords. Then repeat the same thing with the other two original cords as core cords for another added pair of cords - this brings you to 8 cords where you originally had 4 cords.

Another method of adding would be to take a new cord and, starting at the center, use that cord as a knot bearer and double half hitch the other cords to the new cord. This will give you two new cords.


The easiest method to explain for decreasing cords would be to use several core cords in a square knot"

Thank you Elaine. Please do go and check out her website - there is quite a lot there that might take your fancy...... :)

Macrame - How Do I Start A.........

Handcrafted by Elaine - macrame instructions - additional instructions FAQ: "HOW DO I START A NECKLACE, BRACLET, CHOKER, ETC?

If you are going to close a choker by tying it you can just start with square or half knots leaving enough extra cord at the end of your core cords for tying. (You can pin or tape the cords to your board to hold them in place to start). Another alternative would be to tie them together in one overhand knot to start. If you are mounting it onto a clasp you can use two doubled cords and loop them around your clasp to get started. Then use your 4 cords to make square knots.


The easiest way to start a wall hanging is to mount cords on a dowel using either the lark's head or double half hitches.

There are many different ways to end a wall hanging. A few of the options are:
End with a row of double half hitches and let a fringe hang down.
End with overhand knots.
You can tie overhand knots in each cord, every two cords, or larger groups of cords."
Check out Elaine's Macrame website by clicking on the link - these are some questions I have readers frequently ask me - and here are some great thoughts in response. Thanks Elaine! :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Macrame Used In Cutting Edge Interior Design

The Globe and Mail: New suites in Amsterdam owned by young chef: "Suite seven features Wanders' iconic macramé-like 'knotted chair' made out of rope soaked in glue. Vases are made from casting the shape of an egg stuffed into a condom, and a wall is given over to his one-minute sculptures. You get the idea.

You know by now my passion is also to reinforce what a force and contemporary craft Macrame is.....well here is a snippet from an article that talks about Macrame as part of a Leading edge Interior Design project for a Hotel - way to go for the Big M!!! :)

Russian Macrame - Macrame Spans The Globe!

Kommersant - Russia's Daily Online: "Rare crafts such as woodcarving, basket weaving, macrame, and wonderful lacework and embroidery have been preserved in various villages in the region. The hands of the lacemakers produce patterns in fine, nearly weightless threads that rival the frost patterns on windows in delicacy.

Craftsmen who model clay toys and ceramics also make their contribution to Orel's cultural heritage. Orel potters have their own style of painting distinct from the work of craftsmen in other regions.

The art of Orel masters has been presented twice at fairs in Germany and France, as well as in Russia (Kaliningrad, Moscow, and Sochi). The cultural legacy and knowledge of Orel masters is being carefully passed on to their children and grandchildren, who are continuing the work of their forebears."

This article is fascinating!! And to hear that rare crafts such as Macrame have been found here conjours up such rich visuals!!! Check out the article - and know that when you are creating your piece de la resistance that this is a global passion pursued by many!!! Carolyne :)

Friday, September 09, 2005

Beautiful Macrame Sunflower Necklace

One of my subscribers to my free 'One Stop Macrame Shop' Tips & Tidbits Email Course, emailed me this photo of the result of following one of the patterns I sent her.

It is just too gorgeous!! And check out her website:

She is one very talented lady - and it does not stop at Macrame!!!

If you would like to subscribe to the free email course simply click onto the "One Stop Macrame Shop" link and you can automatically sign up for it, no strings attached :)


Carolyne :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Be Part Of Macrame & Knotting's International Guild

IGKT: Welcome: "International Guild of Knot Tyers
Guild President
Ken Yalden
Past Presidents
Who are we?
The International Guild of Knot Tyers is an association of people with interests in knots and knotting techniques of all kinds. We have over a thousand members world-wide, from all walks of life, including academics, surgeons, sailors, sportsmen and women, scouters, magicians, farmers, miners and accountants. Membership is open to anyone interested in knotting (whether expert or simply hoping to learn from others).
What do we do?
We are an educational non-profit making organisation dedicated to furthering interest in practical, recreational and theoretical aspects of knotting. Our aim is to preserve traditional knotting techniques and promote the development of new techniques for new material and applications. We attend public events to advertise the Guild and its work, and conduct talks and demonstrations by arrangement with interested groups. We keep in touch with each other by correspondence, by holding regular meetings and exhibitions at both international and regional levels.

The Guild publishes a quarterly newsletter, Knotting Matters.
The IGKT Mission

The Mission of the Guild is:

* To promote the art, craft and science of knotting, its study and practice
* To undertake research into all aspects of knotting.
* To establish an authoritative body for consulting purposes.

"This is just too fabulous - and certainly cements for me both the longevity and future growth in popularity of our favorite past time!! Yes yes I am biased....and I bet I am right too :)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Macro Weaving - Macrame's Close Cousin!

The Daytona Beach News-Journal: East Volusia: "For years Ulery worked in soft sculpture, later switching to macroweaving, a macrame hybrid. While teaching a workshop on personal development, she said she heard about a class on basket weaving.

'I offered to teach it for free,' she said. Soon, she began taking classes in Florida and Georgia, sometimes finding herself the only student in the class, she said.

Baskets can be plain or as intricately patterned as cloth, but Ulery said she doesn't plan her designs too much. For her, the pleasure is watching them take shape in her hands, she said, describing them as being as pliable as clay.

'It's so neat. It's very simple and cheap to create, coil basketry has been practiced for thousands of years around the world, including Polynesia and Africa, where handicrafts form an important export trade.

The craft's zenith may have been reached in North America, where hundreds of American Indian tribes improvised distinctive styles using bark, hides, leaves and other material."

This sounds fascinating, I would love to hear from someone who does this. I am familiar with the beautiful flax baskets from the Polynesian nations. Love this woman's crafitness! :)

Jessica Simpson Loves Macrame!

The Cornell Daily Sun - Campus Couture: "Dress those designer jeans up with this season’s glam crystal belts with oversize buckles or macramé belts that are soo Daisy Duke. They add a more metropolitan twist to every southern girl’s favorite accessory, making them a perfect choice if you’re looking to add a little flair to your favorite outfit. These must be worn with a simple shirt. Anything too extravagant on top will make you look like Dolly Parton … not Jessica Simpson."

Not sure if comparison to Daisy Duke is a good or 'bad' thing depending on how you feel about Jessica Simpson - personally I think good on her for working hard and marketing what she's got! More importantly - check out...macrame is still the height of fashion!!! Way to go knots! :)

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Awesome Human Beings Give Their Time To Hurricane Victims

Hi fellow Macrame Lovers,

I have not posted for the past few days - my mind has been taken up with those being directly affected by the Hurricane and the reality they are now having to cope with.

I am currently residing down under in Australia so I am very removed from it. At the same time I want to send my love and support and well wishes to all those directly affected by this natural disaster, and to all Americans - I think the US is an awesome country, I love North America (so Canada's in there as well :) ) .

I have done what I can from this far away and have contributed to a fund that was put together by an awesome man I have had the good fortunate to get to know over the interent, and his business partner, wife and other wonderful friends.

He has organised a team of people, a big van and through our donations are getting much needed supplies to the refugees from the Hurricane.

Please do check out his site and if you feel comfortable donating I can vouch for his legitmacy and integrity - with the choice and comfort level being up to you.

Here is a couple of photo's that shows you some of the stuff he is doing - it takes my breath away and I think thank goodness for people like him:
So again - my thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by the Hurricane and those who may be worried for the wellbeing of their loved ones.

Your gratefully

Carolyne :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Holes Tied Together With Macrame String

Netting ... Holes Tied Together With String: "LET'S MAKE A STRING BAG

A good way to start your first project is with a ball of macramé twine, which is both easy to manipulate and makes a satisfyingly strong net. Don't be afraid to use another string if you can't get macrame, though ... any strong cord about as thick as a pencil lead will do.

Load your netting needle (sometimes called a bobbin) with the twine: Take a turn of the free end of the ball of string around the tool's pin and carry the cord around the bottom end of the bobbin, back up the other side, around the pin, back down under ... and so on until the reel is full. Cut the twine.

Tie a loop—big enough to let the needle slip through freely—in the end of the string coming from the needle. Call this Loop 1. Slip the circle of cord over a hook in the wall or tie it to a doorknob, a low branch of a tree, the back of a chair, whatever. When I was young my embryonic long-net for rabbiting was constructed with its first loop tied to the U-trap under the washbasin in the bathroom."

I feel across this wonderful pattern - just click on the title to go to the webpage with the whole pattern. It is not 'pure' Macrame, and it actually reminded me of the Onion Baskets I used to make when I was a little'un. Does anyone have an old pattern for that? Mine seem to have been turfed by my parents in a house move...guess none of us were fortune tellers and knew I would be getting back into Macrame :)

Monday, August 29, 2005

Cool Cubes Beaded Bracelet Pattern

Cool Cubes Flat Netting Beaded Bracelet

What You'll Need to Make Your Own Cool Cubes Flat Netting Beaded Bracelet
Cool Cubes Flat Netting Beaded Bracelet
Cool Cubes Beaded Bracelet
Paula S. Morgan

Here's what you'll need to make your own Cool Cubes Beaded Bracelet:

* Approximately 60 5mm X 5mm Cube Beads.
* Approximately 350 Matte Dark Copper round seed beads [/link]
* 10 Size 8/0 Matte Gold seed beads
* Two 10 mm pieces of French Wire
* One 10 mm Toggle Clasp
* Size 12 Beading Needle
* Nymo "D" or other beading thread
* Beeswax or Thread Conditioner (optional)

Make your Base Row of Flat Netting

Thread a size 12 beading needle with Nymo "D" and approximately 5 feet of beading thread. Wax or condition the thread (optional). Add one Mattel Gold size 8/0 bead, three Matte Copper size 11/0 seed beads and a 5mm X 5mm Cube Bead. Repeat until you have added a total of 17 5mm X 5mm Cube Beads. Add another 3 size 11/0 Matte Copper seed beads and finish with a Matte Gold size 8/0 seed bead.

Make the First Turn in the Netting

Now add another three matte copper size 11/0 seed beads, a 5mm square bead and then three more size 11/0 matte copper seed beads. Next, pass your needle through the second size 5mm square bead on the previous row. This will create the first join in your netting. Your row will have two of the 5mm square beads sitting side by side. Continue netting by passing the needle through every other 5mm square bead until you reach the end of the row.

Begin the Third Row of Beaded Netting

Now you will be making the turn for the third row of beaded netting. After your needle exits the final 5mm cube bead for Row Two, add 3 size 11/0 matte copper seed beads, a size 9 matte gold seed bead and another 3 size 11/0 matte copper seed beads. Pass the needle back through the last 5mm cube bead you added. This will create a small loop of beads above the cube bead.

Continue beading from top to bottom for 2 more rows of netting.

Close the Ends of the Netted Rows

After completing the fourth row of netting, add the final 3 size 11/0 matte copper seed bead and one size 8 matte gold seed bead. Add a single size 11/0 matte copper seed bead and then pass the needle through the size 8/0 matte gold seed bead on the adjacent row. Add another single matte copper bead, then pass the needle through the next adjacent matte gold seed bead. Continue until you have passed through all of the matte gold beads.

Add The Toggle Clasp to the Bracelet

Place 8 size 11/0 matte copper seed beads and 3 size 8/0 matte gold seed bead on your thread. Place a 10mm piece of French Wire on the thread, then add the bar portion of the toggle clasp. Pass the needle back through the 3 size 8/0 matte gold seed beads, add 3 size 11/0 matte copper seed beads and pass the needle back through one of the matte gold seed bead. Weave the thread end through the work several times to secure and clip off the remaining thread.

Finish Adding the Toggle Clasp and Bury the Thread

Repeat the step above on the other side of the bracelet adding a single size 8/0 matte gold seed bead instead of the 3 above. Pass the thread back into the bracelet body, weave it in to secure it, and then tie it off. Your new Cool Cubes Flat Netting Beaded Bracelet is ready to wear!

Check out this awesome bracelet pattern that I found one day travelling onto The complete instructions are here - as it looks like they have taken it off their site now :(. Though they do offer many other great patterns if you click on the link above. Alternatively click on Carolyne :)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Cavendoli Macrame Experts Help Wanted!

Hi there everyone,

I am hoping that someone out there in bloggersphere can help me with some more great info on Cavendoli Macrame. I have had some delightful readers send me emails asking me for more information.

Specificially rather than what it is, we would love some patterns. So please......send us through ANYTHING that you know about this subject. Just post in response some links or your thoughts.

Many many thanks in advance

Carolyne :)

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Updating Your Macrame

My Life in Words - Sitting in the Bathroom Floor: "Oh, a fun thing - I'm so pleased!
I have this incredible macrame hangs from the ceiling.
Totally retro - and I've dyed it once - to a peach color.
Well, yesterday I dyed it a wine color.
The cool thing is that the cotton rope is so wonderful - it takes the dye so nicely.
The table looks amazing!!"

I thought this was a great idea to re-invigorate your Macrame if you are tired of its current look. Understanding that some yarn takes to dying/redying more than other. Any other suggestions for updating/renovating your work? :)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Important Macrame Techniques

Techniques: "Techniques

Adding a cord

Sometimes you will need to introduce new cords to make the work wider or to add coloured yarns.
Sometimes a cord breaks or becomes shorter because it has been used more than the others in knotting.

Just slip in a new cord as a filler in a flat knot or secure it within a couple of neighbouring double half hitches.

Subtracting a cord

Just leave it hanging at the back of the work and work it in later. Or knot over it by using it as an extra filler cord inside a flat knot.


Wrap the yarn thickly around a firm piece of plastic or cardboard. The length of this should be the same as the desired height of the tassel. Tie a cord around the whole bundle to hold all the strands together and then cut them all at the other end of the bundle. Near this bound end, tie the bundle up in a collecting cord. Trim the ends of the strands evenly. "

Check out Ann's Macrame website for information on all sorts of wonderful things to do with Macrae - it is really great for the beginner! :)

Macrame Beads Have Many Uses!

3-D Tick-Tack-Toe!: "Keep cabin fever at bay with a new version of an old pastime...

3-D Tick-Tack Toe!
David Dyer

This little game—the 'board' for which can be made in one evening—is simply a much more challenging version of the tick-tack-toe almost all of us played (and quickly mastered) as children . . . and the three-dimensional version makes the childhood pastime fun again, even for grown-ups!

The only tools required to construct a 3-D tick-tack-toe set are a saw (a handsaw will do) and a drill (preferably electric) with a 17/64' or 9/32' drill bit. The materials list is equally modest. It includes a 26' section of a 1/4' dowel (you should be able to purchase a 36' length for under 25¢) . . . a scrap of 1 X 4 (preferably hardwood, but softwood is OK) ... 28 macramé beads with 1/4' holes, which cost 10 to 20¢ apiece (get 14 each of two different colors) ... and finishing materials (sandpaper, glue, and stain or varnish)."

If you have some spare beads left over from some of your Macrame Projects, check out this great linke to Mother Earth News! Carolyne :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Creative Macrame

Another photos from International Artist and Macrame Designer Jasmina's collection of work and inspiration. Some intricately knotted Macrame Vases.

Please do send in any photos you may have of your work. We would love to see them.

Carolyne :)

How Long Is A Piece of String...Oops Macrame Yarn?

Handcrafted by Elaine - macrame instructions - cord lengths: "Unless you are copying a piece exactly and using the same materials, cord lengths are really a guess.

A rule of thumb for an unknown design plan using a mixture of open and closed spaces:
Your cord should be approximately 4 times the length of the finished piece.
If you are doubling your cord and folding it in half as two cords it should be approximately 8 times the length of the finished piece.

If you are making a piece with a lot of open space, you may be able to use shorter cords.
If you are making a piece with a closed look you will be making more knots and you will need longer cords.

The amount of cord used up in making a knot will be greater for heavier cords than for thin cords.

Some knots will use up different cords at different rates. For example, if you are making a long sennit of square knots, your knotting cords will get used up much faster than your core cords. You may need to allow, for your knotting cords, 5 or 6 times the finished length, while your core cords might only need to be twice the finished length.

Always remember to leave a little extra length for working space. You cannot make the knots at the end of a piece if you are almost out of cord. And allow a little extra for fringes or other decorative endings.

If you are working with very long cords you can wind"

People often ask me about how to know about how long to cut the cords. I know for myself I have always erred on the 'too much just in case' approach. Here is Elaine's take from her website, and there is also a chapter devoted to it in the Complete Macrame Guide..."One Stop Macrame Shop" :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

See Macrame Is Just Part Of Our Vernacular!

My Aunt the Carnivorous Moose: "I can't help thinking though that a stalker could provide untold health benefits, spurring me to walk faster and faster especially past the Police station....naturally we would have an unspoken stalker/stalkee bond where he/she only agreed to view me from afar from behind street lights - they would have to be an anorexic stalker to accomplish that - and did not under any circumstances feel the need to pray with me/marry me/do macrame with me..."

Hey there Macrame-ites, I am going a little left of centre, I hope I do not scare you with the seeming macabre posting - it just caught my attention - this is an excerpt from an aspiring novelists post - and he mentions Macrame. I wonder what role it will play in his first published novel... NYPD Macrame, CSI Macrame, Desparate Macrame-ites....the possibilities are endless..... :)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Chunky Man's Necklace Pattern

Chunky Man’s Necklace

1. Cord of preference, comfortable against, skin, for a man, bulkier yarn often preferred.
2. 9 beads, 5 of one kind, 4 of another.
3. Macrame Board

4. Cut outside cord 3 yards and inside cord 1 1/2 yards long in length.
5. Tie together in center and pin to board thru knot this makes four ends. Cords 1 and 4 are 1 1/2 yards each and 2 and 3 are 3/4 yards each
6. Measure neck and mark board, indicating center. Note: Add beads to cords 2 & 3.
7. Make 3 square knots and drop 1/2 inch to make square knot. Continue in this manner.
8. Make 3 square knots on opposite end.
9. Turn under & glue or sew.
Fasten with hook & eye.

The Richness of Macrame's Multi Cultural Reach.....

Adrian's Embellishments: "A tallit is a prayer shawl. It is just what it says. It is a garment worn for prayer. In Synagogues and observant Jewish homes around the world, it is worn every morning for the full participation of communion with G-d. Each corner of the tallit is adorned with 4 doubled strands of kosher yarn, usually wool, but sometimes silk or rayon, that are tied in a ritual macrame which relates to the numerology of the Hebrew name for G-d. It is also a reminder of the central prayer of Judaism, 'the Shema.'

The Shema: 'Hear, O Israel, The Lord, Our G-d, The Lord is One.'

I'll explain, in English, what the Hebrew word for the name of G-d in the Shema, means. The Hebrew reads from right to left and is, 'Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey'. Each letter has a numerical equivalent. Yud = 10, Hey = 5, Vav = 6 and Hey = 5 again. If you add these numbers, you get 26. The word for G-d = 26. Add the 2 and the 6 and you get 8. G-d = 8. This symbology is tied into the tsitsit, the ritual fringe.

This is how you tie the macrame for the ritual fringe;

start with-2 double knots, then wind one long string around the remaining pieces of yarn, 7 times,
another double knot, then wind the string 8 times,
double knot, 11 times, double knot.

If you add up the number of windings at this point, 7 + 8 + 11 = 26. The 2 + 6 = 8 = G-d.

The last set of windings of the tstsit is 13, followed by the final double knot (which conveniently keeps it from raveling). This last set is related to the last word in the Shema,"Ehad" which means, "One".

The Hebrew for this word is "Ehad", Aleph = 1, Chet =8, Dalet = 4. 1 + 8 + 4 = 13. (1 + 3 =4)

Therefore, within the windings of the tsitsit, we have a sentence:

"G-d is One".

I have copied portions of this incredible post over to our blog, as it is just such a wonderful and intricate story - a lot like macrame really. It reminds me how much we 'don't' know and just how much there is for us to learn.....fascinating - if you want to know more, click the link and read the whole post - its worth it! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Jasmina's Divine Macrame

This is also from the awesome collection fo work that Jasmina a friend on the other side of the world...from the same country as where the post before originated from....New Zealand! I was astounded by the sheer beauty of this piece, and this was her own design. Take a moment to savour and I would love to receive piccies from beautiful pieces you create. Thank you Jasmina for sending this too me!

Macrame is Far Reaching - There Is No Place Like Home!

It�s time to join our temple fundraiser: "However the project is desperately short of funds and all possible help is needed to finish the huge undertaking.

The temple is not only for the Buddhist faith but provides services for the entire community.

It is a place of peace and provides many community programmes including calligraphy and brush painting, floral arrangement, macrame and more. "

wow talk about blow me away - I was searching for information and tidbits that might interest you about Macrame, and this is what I fell across, and article from my local newspaper from the suburb I grew up in as a child that is on the other side of the world!!!! gosh brings back so many memories!!!!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Macrame Ideas To Inspire You!

Hello wonderful knotters!

A lovely friend of mine, who is what I would term a super duper, experienced, advanced Macrame person has sent me some gorgeous snaps of both her work and also some photo's from Pattern books that she has used to gain inspiration from.

And get this - they are in German and she doesn't speak German.

As she said to me - you don't always need to follow a pattern - sure when you are an absolute beginner, but when you know the knots, or have instruction handy for them, you can either mix and match from a couple of patterns, or simply use them to visually inspire you to create your own original piece!

How cool is that. Check out these pictures of really beautiful, eye catching work.

Carolyne :)

King Country Rocks!

Free macrame pattern: Lawn Chair: "Free macrame pattern: Lawn Chair
Woven Macramé Lawn Chair Instructions

By: Dawn L. King

Free step by step instructions for weaving a lawn chair with macrame cord, includes detailed instructions and photographs to assist you from turning an empty macrame chair frame and some macrame cord into a wonderful macrame lawn chair.
Supplies You Will Need:
1 - Macrame chair frame

1- Amount of macrame cord corresponding to your type of frame:

Plastic-arm macrame chair: 200 Yards 6mm Macrame Cord
Plastic-arm macrame rocker: 200 Yards 6mm Macrame Cord
Wood-arm macrame chair: 250 Yards 6mm Macrame Cord
Wood-arm macrame rocker : 250 Yards 6mm Macrame Cord
Solid-oak macrame chair: 200 Yards 6mm Macrame Cord
Solid-oak macrame rocker : 200 Yards 6mm Macrame Cord
Children's plastic-arm chair: 140 Yards 3-4mm Macrame Cord
Lounge chair: 400 Yards 6mm Macrame Cord

2- Size K crochet hooks for 6mm cord or 2 size J crochet hooks for 3-4mm cord.

"Hi there fellow Macrame Lovers - I don't know if you are aware of this already....? King Country is an awesome website that offers you amazing deals with Macrame and free patterns - I have included the start of one above - just click on the link to get the full pattern for yourself. Happy knotting, Carolyne :)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Super Craft Woman - Able To Wrapp Tall Buildings With A Single Knot

Strega's Needles & Hooks: "But mostly this is my place to brag about the things I have created with my hands: knitting, crocheting, petit point, cross stitching, macrame, quilting, bead working, and probably some others crafts and hobbies that my 55 yr old mind has completely obliterated from memory. Over the years most of my handwork has been gifted to family and friends, so I can't display samples of everything I've accomplished, however much I'd like to."

gosh I was very impressed when I read about ALL of the crafts that this lovely women is revelling in. And I bet she can change a tyre in under 30 seconds as well. Is this common amongst the craft world to be so 'ambidextrous' (I think my spelling could have been atrocious there) with crafts, or is she really supercraftwoman? You tell me!

Carolyne :)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

John Rocker Loves Macrame "The computer is working. If only I could get my brain to do the same.

Bloggers unearthed Rosy Grier’s Needlepoint for Men last week.

Other Little Known Craft Books By Sports Stars

Lance Armstrong’s Quilting While Riding

Tiger Woods Teaches How To Knit Golf Club Covers

John Rocker Loves Macrame

Sammy Sosa’s “Natural Cures” They Don’t Want You To Know About

Bobby Labonte’s Confederate Flag Weaving

OJ Simpson’s The Art Of Cutlery"

Hmmmm methinks they might be pulling our leg?! No really!!! :)

Top Notch Macrame Suppliers

Macramé Suppliers

With so many great projects at your fingertips you may be wondering where you’re going to get your tools and materials. Your obvious first choice is by visiting craft stores in the area where you live. However, you may quickly find that although Macramé is making a big comeback, many retailers are reluctant to carry a large inventory of unique supplies. This means that you need to find alternate sources for all your Macramé needs. The following listing of Macramé suppliers will give you all the contact information that you need to find just what you’re looking for, for your next Macramé project.

Macramé Superstore:

The Macramé Superstore, found on the Internet, is a great source for Macramé tools and materials. Some of the items that you can purchase on this website include: books, cording, accessories (such as purse handles and wire forms), frames for chairs, Macramé kits, project ideas, and specials (such as volume discounts on cording).

Art Cove:

Art Cove is a great supplier of Macramé materials and tools. Some of the items featured at this online company include cording, wooden beads, and metal rings.

Knot Heads World Wide:

This is a body for the Macrame and Craft world. It has its own forum where you can join and post your Macrame questions. Check out:

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Stunning, Stunning, Stunning Macrame Jewelry

My Naked Eye: "Some macrame stuff I've done.

This is the most stunning of jewelry - if you can't half tell how much I like it by the headline. Beautiful stuff! Carolyne :)

Complete Guide To Macrame

At last, this book was just what I needed to get me underway with Macrame, I have never done it before and was worried about how difficult it might be. And its easy!!! And fun. I am loving it, and I can't wait to get stuck into some of your more advanced patterns.

I'm a very happy customer, thank-you

Tammy Taylor
Bradley Beach, New Jersey

Hey, how cool is that to read this review from a happy customer!!!! I feel all warm and glowing inside. Bring it on, she says with glee. I hope if you decide to check it out you feel the same let me know

Carolyne :)

Shirely Temple Takes Up Macrame

In The Cookie Jar: "Well for those of you desperate for an update on my life here it is. Okay so last week I went to the fair on Tuesday and saw what I got on my macrame and I am no the two years running reserve Grand Champion in macrame at the Marion county fair. Considering the fact that I thought I was going to get a red I was pretty darn happy."

I have asked Shirley Temple for more information please....maybe she can share with us her Macrame experience, what knots she used, did she create her own pattern...Shirley speak to us please!!! :)

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Macrame Christmas Tree

Princess in the Writing: "The last two nights I have spent a wonderful time doing things with friends. Tuesday night's adventure to the county fair was very enjoyable. Rebekah got a Reserved Grand Champion on her macrame Christmas tree. She was so happy! "

This sounds just awesome, I have posted on this site to see if I can get hold of the pattern and share it with you. I am imagining what it must look life?!

Carolyne :)

Macrame Continues To Lead In Fashion.......

Espadrille is back with plenty of sole - 07/29/05: "The versatility of the shoe makes it an easy choice to wear with almost any outfit, said Gregg Andrews, a fashion director at Nordstrom. Shorts, cropped pants, a sundress, jeans: any casual summer ensemble looks great with a lightweight shoe like an espadrille.

'They're familiar but they look new. It's not the same old redo. Things are fresher; they look updated. So it makes it easier for a woman to incorporate into her wardrobe,' says Andrews. 'When they're pancake flat they look great with a pair of shorts or a peasant skirt. Or they can go up to a 3-inch-high wedge heel, which looks great with a sundress or with a tailored cotton suit.'

Many women like wearing a wedge-heeled espadrille because it adds height without sacrificing comfort, and style without being too glammed-up for a summer's daytime outing.

'A lot of celebrities aren't very tall, which fans don't really know, and they don't want to wear flats around during the day because they know they're being photographed all day,' says Delaney. 'So this is a good way to still look casual and not overdressed and still get a few inches of height. And they are way more comfortable than wearing stilettos all day.'

No matter how high you wear your espadrille, or how many accoutrements you add to it, keep in mind one important thing about the shoes'"

I love hearing how integral Macrame is to so much current fashion. And worn by celebraties.......took them a while to cotton on (or should that be 'rope on' :) ) to what WE have all known for quite some time?!
Carolyne :)

Friday, July 29, 2005

One Stop Macrame Shop

One Stop Macrame Shop: "'Who Else Would Like To Find A ‘One Stop Macrame Shop’ ?'
Active Meter
Telling You Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Macrame…… & More!!!

From: Carolyne McCourtie, Friday, July 29, 2005

Dear Friend,

If you are wanting to find a single source of information that told you everything you EVER wanted to know about Macrame, then this is going to be an exciting read for you!

Here’s why:

There is an amazing new ebook out called “One Stop Macrame Shop”. It covers everything that you have said you want to know about Macrame....yes EVERYTHING!

Imagine having a resource that you know you can rely on to answer your own questions to do with Macrame? Would that make life easier for you? SAVING you bucket loads of TIME instead of trying to hunt out the answers yourself. Meaning you can get on with what you love to do....Macrame!

Imagine a book that offers you, at your fingertips, exciting and easy to follow Macrame PATTERNS.

Then when you wonder where to get the materials from, you have a LIST of SUPPLIERS for all of your Macrame Needs. You can find out what sort of YARN to use. Where to locate BEAUTIFUL BEADS. What size RING to use and where to"

Hey ho, hi ho, I want to spread the love - if you haven't done so check it out and let me know what you think when you buy and read the book - we have put a lot into it to make it something that is awesome for you!! C :)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sensational Macrame Purse Pattern

Hi everyone, this amazing woman from a fellow crafty blog, sent me the pattern to this awesome purse. If you would like to receive it please post to the blog here and I will happily email it to you.

Oh and if you haven't already, please check out my new book called the One Stop Macrame Shop
I think you will like what you find!!!

Wishing you all awesome days in whatever part of the world you are in.

Carolyne :)

Sensational New Macrame Ebook Just Hit the Market!!!

OK, ok so I may be a little biased about this, given I wrote it :). I have been spending the last 2 month's pulling together what I believe is the most comprehensive Macrame Book available.

Something I noticed with this blog - and even before I started it - and its why I did, to help you guys out - is that you have to lug yourself from site to site to find bits of information, or go from craft shop to craft shop.

So I sent out a posting a while back asking people what they most wanted to know, I then worked with a researcher, and together we came up with what I am calling the One Stop Macrame Shop .
It has over 13o pages all on nothing but Macrame!!! Can you believe it....

I go into depth with Macrame's history, the tools and materials needed, knots, knots and more knots, patterns, suppliers, how to make money from it, and so so much more.

Anyway I will stop there - I am excited (just like the Pointer Sisters sing) as I am so pleased to have something available for you that I believe will make your Macraming easier and more enjoyable.

You can decide of course for yourself, so check out the One Stop Macrame Shop and I would love to hear you feedback once you've read it - ooh I am offering a launch price, my advisers say I am mad - and hey, are they telling me something I already don't know....:).

Carolyne :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Macrame Your Own Gift Basket

Have you ever thought about blending Gift Baskets with Macrame. This wonderful woman approached me and I was so impressed with what she offers. You might want to check her out - if you want advice on creating your own gift basket, or why not create your own Macrame Gift Basket. Now there's a thought. :)

Knot Heads World Wide - Macrame Has Its Own Guilde!

Knot Heads World Wide: "

The Mission of the Guild is:

To promote the art, craft and science of knotting, its study and practice To undertake research into all aspects of knotting To establish an authoritative body for consulting purposes.

Who Knot Heads World Wide is:

Knot Heads World Wide is a community based website of Knot Tyers and Leather Braiders from all walks of life and from around the world.

Knot Heads World Wide Mission:

To promote the Art and Craft of Knot Tying, Leather Braiding and Scrimshaw.
To reach the isolated knotter. (For Frank)."

How cool is this?! There is a formal body for people who like getting into a knot! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


BooksAndHooks: "I bought some purse handles at Hobby Lobby and think I'll try working up a purse this weekend. Heh, I'm carrying a MACRAME purse I bought at a yard sale. I'd love to actually have a crocheted purse. I'll probably do sc and hope for the best, because I don't want to line it if I can get away with it."

No you wouldn't!! A Macrame Purse beats any other hands down!!!! Yes says the Macrame Lover!!! :)

Everyone Has A Macrame Story!

craftivism: wee, yet mighty!: "As a child, I spent most of my summers at camp (and as a young adult working at camp) in the North Carolina mountains. I can still remember the peace that existed late at night on the way to the communal bathrooms, tiptoeing along a well-worn path, enveloped by the sounds of frogs and bugs, freed by the light of the stars. After a day of running around with the other campers, following rote routines, making macrame bracelets, this nighttime ritual seemed like a gift."

This is just a snipped from something I came across, you might have worked out that I am a bit of a surfer - and not the watery kind..anyway ....what I have noticed big time is that EVERYONE HAS A MACRAME STORY! The above is a small snippet from a fellow crafti-ite and I saw about 3 others today in a quick 5 minute search...maybe our Macrame Moment is right up there with...hmmm, that first kiss?! :)

Monday, July 25, 2005

This is Not How You Keep Your Yarn - Oh My!

JenLa: "Wanna see it? Of course you do.
Ack! Yup, that’s the “macrame” that Jen dumped on me blessed me with. Now, I was warned that it was a bit knotty before I ever took posession of it. I just hadn’t realized just HOW knotty. I think she tangled it more on purpose, like I was some sort of lab rat. You know, I think J-Jack may have been on to something when she advised that Jen pack up her yarn. She’s more clever than we give her credit for. Yup, cuz if Jen packs up all her yarn, and decides she wants to knit something, she won’t have any of her stash available. Oh darn! Guess she’ll just have to go buy more, adding to her ever-dwindling stash. Ah! Sweet revenge…"

I couldn't resist posting this as I know how I have felt all tangled up with yarn before - not a good look either when you are dying it yourself, let me tell you!!! Carolyne :)

Grab Your Bags Ladies - Check Out These Macrame Gems!

: "Our purses look delicate but wear tough and come in colors to match every outfit.

Macrame USA Purse
Ready to wear patriotism! Large enough for the essentials.

Beaded Purse
Add a bit of glitter to your outfit with this ready to wear purse.

Macrame Belt Loop Purse
Ready to wear style for your belted ensembles. Comes in five fashionable colors.

Macrame Purse
Beautiful threaded purses in eight colors to match any attire.

I thought these were kinda pretty - haven't uncovered a pattern yet, still searching - though I may have a surprise for all of you - a little project I have been working on - as one thing I have found since I have returned to Macrame is how everything is spread out - I have to hunt here and there.....stay tuned for the solution......:)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Macrame Starters Kit

knotting board or foam core
T pins (available at most craft supply or sewing stores)
cord or twine (seine twine, hemp, and jute work well)

other useful materials
rubber bands (to secure long cords)
tape measure or ruler
accessories such as beads, buckles, rings, shells, feathers
mounting pieces such as dowels, sticks, handles, curtain rods

I have had some feedback from those just getting started - here's the essentials of the 'starters kit' for those embarking on their Macrame adventure.....ah hoy me heartees! :)

Sensational Cavandoli Macrame

Image:ArmenianNeedlelace.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

How spectacular is that?! And its Macrame...just divine :)

Seat Yourself Down With Macrame

MacrameSuperStore: Macrame Books: " Have A Seat
Code: WBK100
Weight: 0.75
Price: $5.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Have A Seat Item # WBK100 - Complete step-by-step guide and patterns for chairs, footstools, chaise lounge, hammock and basic plant hanger. Includes 17 patterns and full color photographs of all projects. Published by Pepperell Braiding Company. CATEGORY: CHAIR PATTERNS"

This look like the perfect book for summer outdoor furniture made by our own fair hands!

Macrame Necklaces Spotted at Detroit Lakes

Phish singer may get fest off hook: "Attendance has doubled since last year, to about 14,000 this weekend. Festgoers have come from far and wide to experience 50 hours of live music by more than 40 bands.

'I've had customers from Colorado, Wyoming, West Virginia, Kentucky, California, North Carolina and Israel,' said Birdy Ruch, of St. Paul, who is selling macrame necklaces and tie-dye clothes at the fest."

Macrame.....Music...goes hand in hand. I love hearing tings like attendance has doubled from the year before...way to go!!! Hope those reading this that went had an awesome time! :)

Friday, July 22, 2005

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Macrame Knotted Bikini!!!

Here's what you need to know before you pick your swimsuit for next summer: South Florida Sun-Sentinel: "Foreign Ports: Whether it's beading from India, animal prints from Africa or boudoir frilliness from Paris, exotic ethnic touches (side-tie bikinis with beads dangling like jewelry, for example) bring a little diversity poolside next year. Also, load up on big wooden bangle bracelets, macramé edging, natural shell trim, wood-chip charms, tunic top cover-ups and even turbans."

OK I am becoming blown away by how much I am reading about Macrame making its (re)entre into the fashion scene, and I love the stuff!!! This is great for all of us Macrame enthusiasts, I hope you are taking note, getting creative and designing some fashion items for yourselves? :)

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.....?!

Macrame: "I recommend right clicking & 'save target as' & then print offline.

From Macrame: Techniques & Projects A Sunset Book c. 1975
Pretty Placemat - pattern here

OK the picture and the instructions when you click on their link are a little 'rough and ready', cool would it be to make your own Macrame Dinner Placemats....I would love to hear from someone who has done this....:)

Daily Pepper: This Woman Knows Her Macrame!

Daily Pepper: This Woman Knows Her Macrame!: "This Woman Knows Her Macrame!

But we are not giving her a Macrame Award - because the Macrame Award is usually used to honor poor macrame judgment.

The 1970s showed us that there is such a thing as too much macrame.

BUT there is a macrame blog out there, and it is pretty cool. And Carolyne, who runs it, really knows her macrame, and there are pictures of cool stuff on her blog.

A macrame blog will never earn a Macrame Award in our book!"

Ok I am risking self aggrandisement here, though moreover what a wonderful acknowledgement for the NEW world of macrame...and I do encourage you to check out Pepper's blog too - very clever! Carolyne :)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Poolside vibe 2006: Macrame's what you'll be wearing | 07/20/2005 | Poolside vibe 2006: What you'll be wearing: "• Exotic details: Runways in New York last fall were filled with designer clothing inspired by passport-required destinations like Morocco and Bangladesh.

The theme of the casual, far-flung traveler persists, even in swimwear. Some bikinis have colorful beads dangling mid-chest. Others have macramé details or tiny beading reminiscent of South American motifs. And more still play with prints of animal skins of the safari variety."

Ahhh Macrame continues to sneak into the international fashion scene....ready to explode into a mainstream new read it here first folks!! Carolyne :)

Cavandoli Knock-out

Do What You Can: "Artists I admire.

For the past couple of months I have been very inspired to create. I cannot draw or paint. I can do beadwork. I have been working on some pieces I will show here soon. While reading Beadwork magazine I came upon Joan Babcock

She creates awesome works of wearable art using a form of macrame called 'Cavandoli' or tapestry knotting. At first I thought it was beads, untill I looked closer and realized it was knots! Wow! I have become inspired to do this also. When I was 8 I took macrame classes. yes I made ugly plant holders and the requesit owl.

Googling for cavandoli doesn't really bring up much, but micro-macrame does. I guess it is a term meaning 'no ugly 60's knotted curtains'. It is more used for jewelry which is what I will be using it for. Now all I need is something to knot.

Picture© Joan Babcock"

Like Jamica writes...when I first looked at this I could not believe it was macrame beautiful is that necklace!!!!!!!! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Macrame Wedgies....oops Wedge Heeled Shoes.....

babycocktails and knitting...: "I managed to finish a small poncho made of Noro Lily. Either you'll love the colors or hate 'em. I kind of love 'em. The yarn itself is extra soft and comfy. And I have bright green macrame wedge(they look better than they sound) heels that go pretty well with it. I wore it out to dinner the other night with neutral colors and if I say so myself, it was pretty OK. Wouldn't wear it with any other patterns or colors though - people'd get dizzy.

I want a pair - where can I get them?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More Black Eyed Peas.......Get Started: Macrame Jewelry

Get Started: Macrame Jewelry: "Introduction to Macrame
If you wanted to get started making jewelry, macarame has a lot of promise. It doesn’t take a lot of supplies or tools, the basics are pretty easy to learn, and it’s making a come back in a big way.

Back in the 70s, I was very into macrame. I remember making plant hangers, wall hangings, and, of course, lots of jewelry. Here’s a picture of an actual choker necklace from my macrame glory days that some how survived.

In the 80s macrame’s popularity took a dive, and so did my supplies. So, today I had to start from scratch in order to get started making macrame jewelry. But, I literally spent less than $20 at Wal-mart to get started."

If you are interested in Macrame Jewellery - check out Tammy's site! Carolyne :)

Marketers Notice Macrame's Comeback

Online Idea Buzz: Niche marketing 2: Your niche must solve a problem: "For example, knitting is making a comeback. In the 1970s, handcrafts like macrame, crochet and knitting were huge. That trend seems to be developing again.

Does anyone in your circle of friends and acquaintances knit? Talk to her. What are her challenges? Next, do a Google search. Visit knitters' newsgroups. Do an eBay search on knitting and see what you discover."

Hmmmm feeling a little bit like 'told you so' to read on an Internet Marketers site that along with Knitting, Macrame & Crochet are on their way back!!! Well how many times has the mini or flairs been 'in' - it is just like the changing seasons, they always come around again! Carolyne :)

Design Your Own Macrame

Niki's "Why Macramé?" Page.: "Why do macramé?

Well, you need to find your own reasons, of course. :-) All that I can do here is to tell you why I do macramé.

Obviously, it's nice to do hand work and come out with something that you made yourself, and that you like. But, for me, that's not the main attraction.

I like the idea that if I need something and if it can be made well using macramé, I can not only make it myself, I can design it myself (after maybe a false start or two :-D) with very modest materials. I love being able to play with color in macramé. It's also interesting to see how the arrangement of knots can make a section strong or weak, thick or thin, light like a spider's web or heavy like gnarled tree bark.

Photo shows fine-gauge macramé: a black cotton necklace with tulip-cut shell pendant and a V-shaped écru cotton necklace with a sliced-shell pendant.

But I think the general theme that really draws me to macramé, with its weave, its shapes, its textures, and its endless possibilities, is the same force that draws me to most of my interests, work or otherwise:

the wonder of pattern.
Finding and expressing pattern from looking at materials, nature, and life around me; learning about it and wondering at it. (Origami, too, is very much like this.) Even the ways in which our lives interact "

Macrame is something that you really can make work for yourself - its fun when you get into designing for yourself. I have made many a pot hanger that developed in my minds eye and then just started to take shape - its about trusting yourself and letting go enjoying the process of knotting. Carolyne :)

Monday, July 18, 2005

Check This Macrame Jewellery Out at White Swan

White Swan

Hi everyone - this site super duper impressed me - the jewellery is just incredible. If my blogging skills are superior enough, I am hoping to cut and past some examples in to show you. Absolutel full credit and acknoweldgement to go to White Swan - please check them out if you are interested - and for the record - I have no affiliation to any of this info I am bringing up - I just want to help your own navigation, and if you can let me know what you are after I can get my hunting gear on and go a looking. Ciao for now :)

Let's Get This Macrame Started Said The Black Eyed Pea

Getting Started: "Starting

The yarn that you use should be smooth, firm and not stretching. It should knot easily and hold the knots without slipping. For instance string, (which can be dyed) is a cheap and excellent material for hanging plant holders - embroidery threads are brilliant for more delicate ornaments.

The yarns need to be anchored and held under tension. An anchor (usually called - a mount) could be a board or spongy pad, firm but soft enough to take pins. On the other hand, some yarns can be tied onto the back of a dining chair or to a door handle, or onto a rod or ring which has been pinned to a wall.

Mounting the yarn.
Mounting between pins Mounting on a ring

The cords are usually mounted to an anchor by an overhand knot or by lark's head knots.

You will need scissors to cut the yarn, rubber bands to hold the working cords in manageable bundles and good-sized pins (T-shaped or U-shaped are particularly good) to hold the threads in position.
Threading soft or frayed yarn through beads can be tricky, so pressing clear nail varnish into the ends of the cords will strengthen them.

Before you start knotting, cut the yarn into suitable lengths. In general, the cords should be cut to about eight times the finished length required.
For instance a bracelet which will measure 8 inches would have its threads 64 inches long. Normally, each cord is set on (or mounted) to make a double strand.

Some great advice for those of you who may fall upon this site and want to get the party started!!!! Thank you Ann!

Carolyne :)

Hemp Macramé Book -Triple A Review

Hemp Macramé Book Review: "Hemp Macramé Book Review

I have more than a few reasons to be nostalgic about my macramé days when I was working on that massive plant hanger in Mrs. Nagel’s arts and crafts class. I miss a lot of things from back then. However, now that I’ve renewed my interest in macramé, I especially miss my old macramé books. So, I’ve been on the look out for replacements. With the help of Soft Flex ®, I’ve found a nice book which is affordably priced ($6.95 U.S) called Hemp Jewelry by Marty Hite.

At 16 pages, this little book is packed with information. The front cover starts out by describing the supplies - hemp and beads - you will need for the 25 projects listed. Then a few basics are explained including some knot directions, supplies needed, and how to start a projects. The back cover also provides information on using jump rings and shows some clasp variations.

The rest of the book is dedicated to a variety of macramé jewelry projects and more knot instructions. I found the knot instructions to be pretty good. They aren’t fabulous, but after trying to do this for my own Knot Library, I know how difficult this can be to explain. If you have previous macramé experience, you should be able to follow the knot instructions with no problem. If you are a novice, it might take a little more tim"

Sounds like a great book!!! Thanks for the recommendation - little books often pack a punch! Carolyne :)

Macrame Loses Its Head

Sculptures: "A creative passion of mine is to make heads and masks, so far my repertoire includes; a Chinese head, a Saxon helmet and an elephant. My future plans are for an Egyptian wig and headdress and a North American Indian headdress. I have already worked out how to make feathers with knots and have converted the idea into jewellery (see Feathers page).

Knotted over standard size polystyrene wig stands the heads are eye catching sculptures. I use a lightweight cotton string in natural colour, but I can dye colours if required. Each sculpture takes between 30 to 50 hours to complete depending ion the complexity of the pattern. The heads can be worn as masks and for this you will need to supply specific measurements."

Wow - this is creative! How about a whole body sculpture? Anyone game enough? This is an awesome site - I encourage you to check it out! Thanks Wendy Elizabeth! :)

Friday, July 15, 2005

MacrameSuperStore: Macrame Books

MacrameSuperStore: Macrame Books: "Macrame Books

The Weekend Crafter

Item #JG5799 Includes 20 great projects. Create beautiful and charming projects from decorative home accents to jewelry. Includes the best knot guide we've ever seen ! A full 80 pages of great information. Published by Lark Books Author Jim Gentry."

Oooooh same site has some awesome Macrame books - check em out if you haven't already.....:)

Plant Hanger Pattern - Simply Sweet

Macrame Super Store - Macrame Project: Plant Hanger: "Basic Plant Hanger Macrame Project

44 yards of either 4mm or 6mm Bonnie Braid Cord
One 2' brass ring
Four 22 x 32mm oval wood beads
Sixteen 16mm round wood beads

1. Cut 8 cords at 5 yards each, and two cords at 1 yard each.

2. Center the eight 5 yard cords through the 2' ring. Using one of the 1 yard cords, tie a wrap knot around all cords directly under the ring.

3. Divide the long cords into four groups of four cords each. With each group:

Tie 9' of Half Square Knots, put all four cords through a 22 x 32mm bead, and using the longest cords for tying, tie another 9' of Square Knots.

4. Drop down approximately 5' and tie on row of Alternating Square Knots. (This joins all 4 sinnets). Drop down 3' and tie another row of alternating Square Knots. Drop down approximately 3' and using the last one yard cord, tie a wrap knot around the cords.

5. Put a 16mm wood bead on each cord end at desired length, tie an overhand knot to secure under each bead. Cut, seal ends with lighter

I thought this might be fun for those looking for a relatively simple Macrame Pattern....thanks to Macrame Super Store

Moorish Macrame Stands The Test Of Time

Crafts, Traditions and Art of the Sea: "A Short History of Macrame
Macrame, the modern art of decorating with knots, is believed to have originated with 13th-century Arabian weavers. They knotted the excess thread and yam along the edges of hand-loomed fabrics into decorative fringes on bath towels, shawls, and veils. The original meaning of the Arabic Migramah, from which the word macrame is derived, is variously rendered as 'striped towel,' 'ornamental fringe,' and 'embroidered veil.' As a result of the Moorish conquest the art of macrame was taken to Spain, and from there it spread throughout Europe. It was first introduced into England at the court of Queen Mary, the wife of William of Orange, in the late 17th century.

Sailors played an important part in keeping alive and spreading this exported Arab art. From China to the New World they sold or bartered their own novel macrame objects made during the long months at sea. Macrame remained a popular pastime with 19th- century British and American seamen, who called it square knotting after the knot they most preferred in making their hammocks, bell fringes, and belts.

Macrame reached its zenith during the Victorian era. Sylvia's Book of Macrame Lace, a favorite at that time, urged its readers 'to work rich trimmings for black and coloured costumes, both for home wear, garden parties, seaside ramblings, "

I had no idea Macrame had such auspicious beginnings and colourful history - I am off on the hunt for Slyvia's Book....... :)

How to Make Money From Macrame

How To Start and Run a Profitable Craft Business: "CHANGING THEMES FOR BETTER SALES: THREE EXAMPLES

Example 1:

Macrame items are generally sold in plant shops, and sometimes in furniture stores. One clever artist, with declining sales, decided to work his macrame craft into a different marketing theme. This artist drilled holes in wooden 'ABC' baby blocks, which he used as beads in his macrame to make a plant hanger for a baby's room. He sold this idea to an exclusive department store that displayed his product with baby furniture rather than in the plant section. He thus transformed his macrame work into a new product and fitted it into a new marketing theme, where it found its natural outlet with other baby accessories."

How's this for a great idea? Gets you many of you are interested to learn more about how to make money through your Macrame? Thank you to Mother Earth News for providing the article.......

Johnny Depp's Macrame Owl Fascination! - A shared taste for the surreal: "'At times, it's as if our brains are connected by some invisible hot wire that can shoot sparks at any second,' says Depp, who became close friends with Burton after Scissorhands. 'Growing up, we weren't all that dissimilar. We both have an odd fascination with things that were considered supernormal in the '70s. We can talk for hours about how people had resin grapes on their dinner tables. Macrame owls were widely accepted as normal. But as kids, we were both going, 'Ew, really gross.' '"

He must have seen the blog, read it then spoke to USA today - how freaky is that - on the same day as I post a link to Macrame Owls, Johnny Depp refers to his fascination with Macrame Owls....we'll just choose to ignore the 'really gross' comment now wont we - he he :)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

GORGEOUS Handcrafted Earrings

macrame earrings and bracelets - Handcrafted by Elaine: "KNOTTED WIRE EARRINGS

three copper wire macrame earrings | fine silver wire macrame earrings | macrame earrings on fine silver wire

macramé earrings in coated copper wire with Swarovski Austrian Crystal, shown in purple, turquoise and bright blue (other colors available - please inquire)

macramé earrings in fine silver wire with sterling silver beads

macramé earrings on fine silver wire with freshwater pearls [WE 6110]
(also available with sterling beads, black onyx or other semiprecious gemstones)"

Elaine, these are just divine!!! For blog visitors - the link to this post is included for you to suss out further. I am going to work out how to make these me feels....just too delish!!!! Carolyne :)

What a Hoot - Macrame Owls

Macrame Owls

Sanya left this awesome link- big fat thanks to Sanya everybody...'thank you Sanya!' - if you are feeling a little circumspect (isn't that another word for 'owlish') then check out these Macrame Patterns.

Thanks too for the lovely acknowledgement about this site - we are just getting up and rocking & rolling. I am wanting to bring you more patterns, tid-bits and so forth, so that you can actually find things on this blog that are of use to you. I truly welcome you adding your thoughts too, like the wonderful Sanya, everybody...'thank you Sanya' - no I am not a teacher, I have just always wanted to do that line - he he. BFN Carolyne :)

Where Knitting Ends and Macrame Begins...You Tell Me

Nutless A**Munchers: "Thursday, July 14, 2005
A Window Into My Home, Part 2
I recently purchased a 'ring knitter,' a Colonial-era toy used by very small children to knit endless chains of sturdy cord. The instructions have a list of things you can make. The verbatim quote:

'1. A belt.
2. A jumprope.'

There is no three.

Yeah, so, I MADE a three. I knitted six lengths of cord, and tied them together in a traditional pattern to make a Colonial Plant Hanger.

I have never made a Regular Plant Hanger.

This poor abortion of a plant hanger is badly proportioned, and constructed from thirty year old blue wool. No, really, my mother in law gave me the wool. The skein had a price tag that said 'Woolworth's: 29 cents.' It actually had the little cent sign, but they don't even put that symbol on keyboards anymore. Being genuine 1973 wool, it's got a lot of stretch to it. Macrame is really the best choice in plant hanger design, not knitted cord.

Anyway, I presented my opus to my mate, as a hunter presents a kill to the head of the tribe. Because he is an Advanced Husband, as previously discussed, he did not mock me. He did not praise the cobalt creation, however, and I slunk away.

You can't keep a girl like me down for long, though, so after we retired for the evening, I looked over to the love of my life and said, 'I'm... MACRA-MAZING.'


And I hope this is the start of more to come. I love the feeling when we complete a crafty task, we just want to share it with our dearest through the MACRA-MEDIA :)

Napoleon's Josephine is the Leading Lady of Knots

More Fun with Knots: 'Josephine Knot'

Another ornamental knot.
To begin use the left cord and make a loop. Lay the right cord over the first loop, and under the bottom of the first cord. Now over the top of the first cord. Bring the right cord under the first cord and over itself. Go under the first cord. To tighten the knot, pull the cord ends one at a time.
(You can use more then one cord to tie this knot).

Josephine Knot #1

Josephine Knot #2

Josephine Knot #3"

This site I got this knot from is cool, and for any serious Macrame buff is worth a look. I just picked out the Josephine knot as it has always been my favourite and I wanted to share it with you. Ohhh and check out Charlie's story - he still loves his wife after 31 years just as much as when he met her....what a man!!!!

C :)