Monday, July 18, 2005

Check This Macrame Jewellery Out at White Swan

White Swan

Hi everyone - this site super duper impressed me - the jewellery is just incredible. If my blogging skills are superior enough, I am hoping to cut and past some examples in to show you. Absolutel full credit and acknoweldgement to go to White Swan - please check them out if you are interested - and for the record - I have no affiliation to any of this info I am bringing up - I just want to help your own navigation, and if you can let me know what you are after I can get my hunting gear on and go a looking. Ciao for now :)


Jamica said...

I love the white swan site! I would love to get some instruction from there but it seems as though the site is dead. The posts don't seem to be past 2003/4.Kind of sucks, but the jewelry is awesome!

Caro :-) said...

Hi Jamica,

Thanks for your post. Have you tried emailing them - they offer some email addresses. And there is also a number on the front of the site - have you tried ringing that? Please let me know how it goes...I'll also send an email off to them.


Carolyne :)