Tuesday, August 02, 2005

John Rocker Loves Macrame

mikeschramm.com: "The computer is working. If only I could get my brain to do the same.

Bloggers unearthed Rosy Grier’s Needlepoint for Men last week.

Other Little Known Craft Books By Sports Stars

Lance Armstrong’s Quilting While Riding

Tiger Woods Teaches How To Knit Golf Club Covers

John Rocker Loves Macrame

Sammy Sosa’s “Natural Cures” They Don’t Want You To Know About

Bobby Labonte’s Confederate Flag Weaving

OJ Simpson’s The Art Of Cutlery"

Hmmmm methinks they might be pulling our leg?! No really!!! :)

Top Notch Macrame Suppliers

Macramé Suppliers

With so many great projects at your fingertips you may be wondering where you’re going to get your tools and materials. Your obvious first choice is by visiting craft stores in the area where you live. However, you may quickly find that although Macramé is making a big comeback, many retailers are reluctant to carry a large inventory of unique supplies. This means that you need to find alternate sources for all your Macramé needs. The following listing of Macramé suppliers will give you all the contact information that you need to find just what you’re looking for, for your next Macramé project.

Macramé Superstore:

The Macramé Superstore, found on the Internet, is a great source for Macramé tools and materials. Some of the items that you can purchase on this website include: books, cording, accessories (such as purse handles and wire forms), frames for chairs, Macramé kits, project ideas, and specials (such as volume discounts on cording).

Art Cove:

Art Cove is a great supplier of Macramé materials and tools. Some of the items featured at this online company include cording, wooden beads, and metal rings.

Knot Heads World Wide:

This is a body for the Macrame and Craft world. It has its own forum where you can join and post your Macrame questions. Check out: