Thursday, July 21, 2005

Poolside vibe 2006: Macrame's what you'll be wearing | 07/20/2005 | Poolside vibe 2006: What you'll be wearing: "• Exotic details: Runways in New York last fall were filled with designer clothing inspired by passport-required destinations like Morocco and Bangladesh.

The theme of the casual, far-flung traveler persists, even in swimwear. Some bikinis have colorful beads dangling mid-chest. Others have macramé details or tiny beading reminiscent of South American motifs. And more still play with prints of animal skins of the safari variety."

Ahhh Macrame continues to sneak into the international fashion scene....ready to explode into a mainstream new read it here first folks!! Carolyne :)

Cavandoli Knock-out

Do What You Can: "Artists I admire.

For the past couple of months I have been very inspired to create. I cannot draw or paint. I can do beadwork. I have been working on some pieces I will show here soon. While reading Beadwork magazine I came upon Joan Babcock

She creates awesome works of wearable art using a form of macrame called 'Cavandoli' or tapestry knotting. At first I thought it was beads, untill I looked closer and realized it was knots! Wow! I have become inspired to do this also. When I was 8 I took macrame classes. yes I made ugly plant holders and the requesit owl.

Googling for cavandoli doesn't really bring up much, but micro-macrame does. I guess it is a term meaning 'no ugly 60's knotted curtains'. It is more used for jewelry which is what I will be using it for. Now all I need is something to knot.

Picture© Joan Babcock"

Like Jamica writes...when I first looked at this I could not believe it was macrame beautiful is that necklace!!!!!!!! :)