Saturday, July 30, 2005

Macrame Christmas Tree

Princess in the Writing: "The last two nights I have spent a wonderful time doing things with friends. Tuesday night's adventure to the county fair was very enjoyable. Rebekah got a Reserved Grand Champion on her macrame Christmas tree. She was so happy! "

This sounds just awesome, I have posted on this site to see if I can get hold of the pattern and share it with you. I am imagining what it must look life?!

Carolyne :)

Macrame Continues To Lead In Fashion.......

Espadrille is back with plenty of sole - 07/29/05: "The versatility of the shoe makes it an easy choice to wear with almost any outfit, said Gregg Andrews, a fashion director at Nordstrom. Shorts, cropped pants, a sundress, jeans: any casual summer ensemble looks great with a lightweight shoe like an espadrille.

'They're familiar but they look new. It's not the same old redo. Things are fresher; they look updated. So it makes it easier for a woman to incorporate into her wardrobe,' says Andrews. 'When they're pancake flat they look great with a pair of shorts or a peasant skirt. Or they can go up to a 3-inch-high wedge heel, which looks great with a sundress or with a tailored cotton suit.'

Many women like wearing a wedge-heeled espadrille because it adds height without sacrificing comfort, and style without being too glammed-up for a summer's daytime outing.

'A lot of celebrities aren't very tall, which fans don't really know, and they don't want to wear flats around during the day because they know they're being photographed all day,' says Delaney. 'So this is a good way to still look casual and not overdressed and still get a few inches of height. And they are way more comfortable than wearing stilettos all day.'

No matter how high you wear your espadrille, or how many accoutrements you add to it, keep in mind one important thing about the shoes'"

I love hearing how integral Macrame is to so much current fashion. And worn by celebraties.......took them a while to cotton on (or should that be 'rope on' :) ) to what WE have all known for quite some time?!
Carolyne :)