Tuesday, July 26, 2005


BooksAndHooks: "I bought some purse handles at Hobby Lobby and think I'll try working up a purse this weekend. Heh, I'm carrying a MACRAME purse I bought at a yard sale. I'd love to actually have a crocheted purse. I'll probably do sc and hope for the best, because I don't want to line it if I can get away with it."

No you wouldn't!! A Macrame Purse beats any other hands down!!!! Yes says the Macrame Lover!!! :)

Everyone Has A Macrame Story!

craftivism: wee, yet mighty!: "As a child, I spent most of my summers at camp (and as a young adult working at camp) in the North Carolina mountains. I can still remember the peace that existed late at night on the way to the communal bathrooms, tiptoeing along a well-worn path, enveloped by the sounds of frogs and bugs, freed by the light of the stars. After a day of running around with the other campers, following rote routines, making macrame bracelets, this nighttime ritual seemed like a gift."

This is just a snipped from something I came across, you might have worked out that I am a bit of a surfer - and not the watery kind..anyway ....what I have noticed big time is that EVERYONE HAS A MACRAME STORY! The above is a small snippet from a fellow crafti-ite and I saw about 3 others today in a quick 5 minute search...maybe our Macrame Moment is right up there with...hmmm, that first kiss?! :)