Thursday, July 14, 2005

GORGEOUS Handcrafted Earrings

macrame earrings and bracelets - Handcrafted by Elaine: "KNOTTED WIRE EARRINGS

three copper wire macrame earrings | fine silver wire macrame earrings | macrame earrings on fine silver wire

macramé earrings in coated copper wire with Swarovski Austrian Crystal, shown in purple, turquoise and bright blue (other colors available - please inquire)

macramé earrings in fine silver wire with sterling silver beads

macramé earrings on fine silver wire with freshwater pearls [WE 6110]
(also available with sterling beads, black onyx or other semiprecious gemstones)"

Elaine, these are just divine!!! For blog visitors - the link to this post is included for you to suss out further. I am going to work out how to make these me feels....just too delish!!!! Carolyne :)

What a Hoot - Macrame Owls

Macrame Owls

Sanya left this awesome link- big fat thanks to Sanya everybody...'thank you Sanya!' - if you are feeling a little circumspect (isn't that another word for 'owlish') then check out these Macrame Patterns.

Thanks too for the lovely acknowledgement about this site - we are just getting up and rocking & rolling. I am wanting to bring you more patterns, tid-bits and so forth, so that you can actually find things on this blog that are of use to you. I truly welcome you adding your thoughts too, like the wonderful Sanya, everybody...'thank you Sanya' - no I am not a teacher, I have just always wanted to do that line - he he. BFN Carolyne :)

Where Knitting Ends and Macrame Begins...You Tell Me

Nutless A**Munchers: "Thursday, July 14, 2005
A Window Into My Home, Part 2
I recently purchased a 'ring knitter,' a Colonial-era toy used by very small children to knit endless chains of sturdy cord. The instructions have a list of things you can make. The verbatim quote:

'1. A belt.
2. A jumprope.'

There is no three.

Yeah, so, I MADE a three. I knitted six lengths of cord, and tied them together in a traditional pattern to make a Colonial Plant Hanger.

I have never made a Regular Plant Hanger.

This poor abortion of a plant hanger is badly proportioned, and constructed from thirty year old blue wool. No, really, my mother in law gave me the wool. The skein had a price tag that said 'Woolworth's: 29 cents.' It actually had the little cent sign, but they don't even put that symbol on keyboards anymore. Being genuine 1973 wool, it's got a lot of stretch to it. Macrame is really the best choice in plant hanger design, not knitted cord.

Anyway, I presented my opus to my mate, as a hunter presents a kill to the head of the tribe. Because he is an Advanced Husband, as previously discussed, he did not mock me. He did not praise the cobalt creation, however, and I slunk away.

You can't keep a girl like me down for long, though, so after we retired for the evening, I looked over to the love of my life and said, 'I'm... MACRA-MAZING.'


And I hope this is the start of more to come. I love the feeling when we complete a crafty task, we just want to share it with our dearest through the MACRA-MEDIA :)

Napoleon's Josephine is the Leading Lady of Knots

More Fun with Knots: 'Josephine Knot'

Another ornamental knot.
To begin use the left cord and make a loop. Lay the right cord over the first loop, and under the bottom of the first cord. Now over the top of the first cord. Bring the right cord under the first cord and over itself. Go under the first cord. To tighten the knot, pull the cord ends one at a time.
(You can use more then one cord to tie this knot).

Josephine Knot #1

Josephine Knot #2

Josephine Knot #3"

This site I got this knot from is cool, and for any serious Macrame buff is worth a look. I just picked out the Josephine knot as it has always been my favourite and I wanted to share it with you. Ohhh and check out Charlie's story - he still loves his wife after 31 years just as much as when he met her....what a man!!!!

C :)

Brazil in a Knot Over Macrame - Fashion's Latest Must

ANBA: "Modernism should be shown in the geometric forms and cuts and should give priority to the comfort of the items. 'These are clothes for the executive woman, who likes the practicality of the casual,' she said. According to the stylist, everything that is artistic will also be very much valued in the warm season. Crochet and macramé, however, will be on the high."

Wow, our beautiful South American brothers and sisters are feeling the vibe, we better get knotting!


Macrame found in time capsule along with Donny & Marie!

lisamommy: I <3 3: "Anyway, I have lived through a lot:
the end of the Vietnam War, eight track tape players, 'Three Dog Night', the birth of Seasame Street, 'I'd like to teach the world to sing' commercial, slinkies, the birth of a little sister, best friends just a lawn away, Pong, the original 'Walkman' radios, gauchos, Earth shoes, jazz dance classes, macrame, Dorothy Hamil haircut, Rubik's cube, the 'Donny and Marie' show"

Ahhhh memories!!! And the thing is, Seasame Street is still going strong, Jazz is still danced and Macrame is still adored by many!!!! I'm off to find some patterns to share with y'all.....

Carolyne :)