Thursday, July 14, 2005

Where Knitting Ends and Macrame Begins...You Tell Me

Nutless A**Munchers: "Thursday, July 14, 2005
A Window Into My Home, Part 2
I recently purchased a 'ring knitter,' a Colonial-era toy used by very small children to knit endless chains of sturdy cord. The instructions have a list of things you can make. The verbatim quote:

'1. A belt.
2. A jumprope.'

There is no three.

Yeah, so, I MADE a three. I knitted six lengths of cord, and tied them together in a traditional pattern to make a Colonial Plant Hanger.

I have never made a Regular Plant Hanger.

This poor abortion of a plant hanger is badly proportioned, and constructed from thirty year old blue wool. No, really, my mother in law gave me the wool. The skein had a price tag that said 'Woolworth's: 29 cents.' It actually had the little cent sign, but they don't even put that symbol on keyboards anymore. Being genuine 1973 wool, it's got a lot of stretch to it. Macrame is really the best choice in plant hanger design, not knitted cord.

Anyway, I presented my opus to my mate, as a hunter presents a kill to the head of the tribe. Because he is an Advanced Husband, as previously discussed, he did not mock me. He did not praise the cobalt creation, however, and I slunk away.

You can't keep a girl like me down for long, though, so after we retired for the evening, I looked over to the love of my life and said, 'I'm... MACRA-MAZING.'


And I hope this is the start of more to come. I love the feeling when we complete a crafty task, we just want to share it with our dearest through the MACRA-MEDIA :)

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Sanya said...

Okay, you cracked me up with "macra-media." I was just online looking for some good macrame source material, as I've learned that knitting doesn't count... but I STILL want to make a plant hanger.

If you haven't seen this site, you might enjoy it -

I don't know him at all, just found the link during the aforementioned research.

Love your site, thanks for sharing :)