Tuesday, August 16, 2005

See Macrame Is Just Part Of Our Vernacular!

My Aunt the Carnivorous Moose: "I can't help thinking though that a stalker could provide untold health benefits, spurring me to walk faster and faster especially past the Police station....naturally we would have an unspoken stalker/stalkee bond where he/she only agreed to view me from afar from behind street lights - they would have to be an anorexic stalker to accomplish that - and did not under any circumstances feel the need to pray with me/marry me/do macrame with me..."

Hey there Macrame-ites, I am going a little left of centre, I hope I do not scare you with the seeming macabre posting - it just caught my attention - this is an excerpt from an aspiring novelists post - and he mentions Macrame. I wonder what role it will play in his first published novel... NYPD Macrame, CSI Macrame, Desparate Macrame-ites....the possibilities are endless..... :)