Thursday, August 04, 2005

Super Craft Woman - Able To Wrapp Tall Buildings With A Single Knot

Strega's Needles & Hooks: "But mostly this is my place to brag about the things I have created with my hands: knitting, crocheting, petit point, cross stitching, macrame, quilting, bead working, and probably some others crafts and hobbies that my 55 yr old mind has completely obliterated from memory. Over the years most of my handwork has been gifted to family and friends, so I can't display samples of everything I've accomplished, however much I'd like to."

gosh I was very impressed when I read about ALL of the crafts that this lovely women is revelling in. And I bet she can change a tyre in under 30 seconds as well. Is this common amongst the craft world to be so 'ambidextrous' (I think my spelling could have been atrocious there) with crafts, or is she really supercraftwoman? You tell me!

Carolyne :)