Saturday, September 03, 2005

Awesome Human Beings Give Their Time To Hurricane Victims

Hi fellow Macrame Lovers,

I have not posted for the past few days - my mind has been taken up with those being directly affected by the Hurricane and the reality they are now having to cope with.

I am currently residing down under in Australia so I am very removed from it. At the same time I want to send my love and support and well wishes to all those directly affected by this natural disaster, and to all Americans - I think the US is an awesome country, I love North America (so Canada's in there as well :) ) .

I have done what I can from this far away and have contributed to a fund that was put together by an awesome man I have had the good fortunate to get to know over the interent, and his business partner, wife and other wonderful friends.

He has organised a team of people, a big van and through our donations are getting much needed supplies to the refugees from the Hurricane.

Please do check out his site and if you feel comfortable donating I can vouch for his legitmacy and integrity - with the choice and comfort level being up to you.

Here is a couple of photo's that shows you some of the stuff he is doing - it takes my breath away and I think thank goodness for people like him:
So again - my thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by the Hurricane and those who may be worried for the wellbeing of their loved ones.

Your gratefully

Carolyne :)