Monday, July 25, 2005

This is Not How You Keep Your Yarn - Oh My!

JenLa: "Wanna see it? Of course you do.
Ack! Yup, that’s the “macrame” that Jen dumped on me blessed me with. Now, I was warned that it was a bit knotty before I ever took posession of it. I just hadn’t realized just HOW knotty. I think she tangled it more on purpose, like I was some sort of lab rat. You know, I think J-Jack may have been on to something when she advised that Jen pack up her yarn. She’s more clever than we give her credit for. Yup, cuz if Jen packs up all her yarn, and decides she wants to knit something, she won’t have any of her stash available. Oh darn! Guess she’ll just have to go buy more, adding to her ever-dwindling stash. Ah! Sweet revenge…"

I couldn't resist posting this as I know how I have felt all tangled up with yarn before - not a good look either when you are dying it yourself, let me tell you!!! Carolyne :)

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