Friday, September 23, 2005

The House of Macrame

emyko: "my urge to create things is something I doubt will ever go away, and I think that is what makes me an artist. Maybe it will be hanging macrame plant holders or scarves or dishes or drawings. And maybe those things will appeal to other people and make them want to give me money. But mostly, I like to create because it makes me happy, not only to make something beautiful, but to make something that is useful to me. When I am an adult with my own home, I would like to make as many of the things in my home as possible. Obviously shoes and dishwashers would be a bit difficult, but I'd like to make my own furniture and plates and wall art. And anything else that I can figure out how to make. I think that would be immensely satisfying."

I loved this post from Emyko's blog - it just felt so magical reading it - being creative does fill us with such a wonderful feeling - satisfaction, completion, love, peace and whatever words you would use to describe it for you. What a beautiful share :)

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