Friday, July 15, 2005

Plant Hanger Pattern - Simply Sweet

Macrame Super Store - Macrame Project: Plant Hanger: "Basic Plant Hanger Macrame Project

44 yards of either 4mm or 6mm Bonnie Braid Cord
One 2' brass ring
Four 22 x 32mm oval wood beads
Sixteen 16mm round wood beads

1. Cut 8 cords at 5 yards each, and two cords at 1 yard each.

2. Center the eight 5 yard cords through the 2' ring. Using one of the 1 yard cords, tie a wrap knot around all cords directly under the ring.

3. Divide the long cords into four groups of four cords each. With each group:

Tie 9' of Half Square Knots, put all four cords through a 22 x 32mm bead, and using the longest cords for tying, tie another 9' of Square Knots.

4. Drop down approximately 5' and tie on row of Alternating Square Knots. (This joins all 4 sinnets). Drop down 3' and tie another row of alternating Square Knots. Drop down approximately 3' and using the last one yard cord, tie a wrap knot around the cords.

5. Put a 16mm wood bead on each cord end at desired length, tie an overhand knot to secure under each bead. Cut, seal ends with lighter

I thought this might be fun for those looking for a relatively simple Macrame Pattern....thanks to Macrame Super Store

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