Friday, July 15, 2005

Johnny Depp's Macrame Owl Fascination! - A shared taste for the surreal: "'At times, it's as if our brains are connected by some invisible hot wire that can shoot sparks at any second,' says Depp, who became close friends with Burton after Scissorhands. 'Growing up, we weren't all that dissimilar. We both have an odd fascination with things that were considered supernormal in the '70s. We can talk for hours about how people had resin grapes on their dinner tables. Macrame owls were widely accepted as normal. But as kids, we were both going, 'Ew, really gross.' '"

He must have seen the blog, read it then spoke to USA today - how freaky is that - on the same day as I post a link to Macrame Owls, Johnny Depp refers to his fascination with Macrame Owls....we'll just choose to ignore the 'really gross' comment now wont we - he he :)

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