Sunday, July 31, 2005

Complete Guide To Macrame

At last, this book was just what I needed to get me underway with Macrame, I have never done it before and was worried about how difficult it might be. And its easy!!! And fun. I am loving it, and I can't wait to get stuck into some of your more advanced patterns.

I'm a very happy customer, thank-you

Tammy Taylor
Bradley Beach, New Jersey

Hey, how cool is that to read this review from a happy customer!!!! I feel all warm and glowing inside. Bring it on, she says with glee. I hope if you decide to check it out you feel the same let me know

Carolyne :)

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Mienna said...

Hey there Carolyne. The first couple I did came straight from a book (which turned into cat toys when I forgot them on my desk one night) but those are all ones I came up with. Getting some ideas from books, web sites, and the beads (believe it or not). Thanks for the email!