Thursday, September 15, 2005

Macrame - How Do I Start A.........

Handcrafted by Elaine - macrame instructions - additional instructions FAQ: "HOW DO I START A NECKLACE, BRACLET, CHOKER, ETC?

If you are going to close a choker by tying it you can just start with square or half knots leaving enough extra cord at the end of your core cords for tying. (You can pin or tape the cords to your board to hold them in place to start). Another alternative would be to tie them together in one overhand knot to start. If you are mounting it onto a clasp you can use two doubled cords and loop them around your clasp to get started. Then use your 4 cords to make square knots.


The easiest way to start a wall hanging is to mount cords on a dowel using either the lark's head or double half hitches.

There are many different ways to end a wall hanging. A few of the options are:
End with a row of double half hitches and let a fringe hang down.
End with overhand knots.
You can tie overhand knots in each cord, every two cords, or larger groups of cords."
Check out Elaine's Macrame website by clicking on the link - these are some questions I have readers frequently ask me - and here are some great thoughts in response. Thanks Elaine! :)

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