Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Marketers Notice Macrame's Comeback

Online Idea Buzz: Niche marketing 2: Your niche must solve a problem: "For example, knitting is making a comeback. In the 1970s, handcrafts like macrame, crochet and knitting were huge. That trend seems to be developing again.

Does anyone in your circle of friends and acquaintances knit? Talk to her. What are her challenges? Next, do a Google search. Visit knitters' newsgroups. Do an eBay search on knitting and see what you discover."

Hmmmm feeling a little bit like 'told you so' to read on an Internet Marketers site that along with Knitting, Macrame & Crochet are on their way back!!! Well how many times has the mini or flairs been 'in' - it is just like the changing seasons, they always come around again! Carolyne :)

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