Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Be Part Of Macrame & Knotting's International Guild

IGKT: Welcome: "International Guild of Knot Tyers
Guild President
Ken Yalden
Past Presidents
Who are we?
The International Guild of Knot Tyers is an association of people with interests in knots and knotting techniques of all kinds. We have over a thousand members world-wide, from all walks of life, including academics, surgeons, sailors, sportsmen and women, scouters, magicians, farmers, miners and accountants. Membership is open to anyone interested in knotting (whether expert or simply hoping to learn from others).
What do we do?
We are an educational non-profit making organisation dedicated to furthering interest in practical, recreational and theoretical aspects of knotting. Our aim is to preserve traditional knotting techniques and promote the development of new techniques for new material and applications. We attend public events to advertise the Guild and its work, and conduct talks and demonstrations by arrangement with interested groups. We keep in touch with each other by correspondence, by holding regular meetings and exhibitions at both international and regional levels.

The Guild publishes a quarterly newsletter, Knotting Matters.
The IGKT Mission

The Mission of the Guild is:

* To promote the art, craft and science of knotting, its study and practice
* To undertake research into all aspects of knotting.
* To establish an authoritative body for consulting purposes.

"This is just too fabulous - and certainly cements for me both the longevity and future growth in popularity of our favorite past time!! Yes yes I am biased....and I bet I am right too :)

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