Friday, October 21, 2005

Homeless Kids Find Voice In Macrame

Beacon Journal | 10/15/2005 | Homeless kids find voice in art: "This past summer, artists and volunteers worked with about 150 students at Safe Landing, Access, the Battered Women's Shelter and Catholic Worker, a program that provides transitional housing and is mainly helping immigrants and their families.

The students did macrame and reverse-image printing, and made beaded bookmarks, jewelry, masks, sock puppets and frames. The volunteers and artists tried to incorporate other subjects into the activities, including reading, writing and history.

Gabina Davila, a parent liaison with Catholic Worker, said many of the students had one or both parents working during the day. She said the kids enjoyed the arts and crafts activities".

This touched me deeply and reinforced to me the power of art and crafts such as Macrame to heal, both physical and emotional wounds just through pouring ourselves and igniting our creativity that comes from our heart. It has got me thinking where and how else can we expose others to Macrame and/or other crafts so they too can feel more joy, peace anf fulfilment in their lives. :)

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