Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Russian Macrame - Macrame Spans The Globe!

Kommersant - Russia's Daily Online: "Rare crafts such as woodcarving, basket weaving, macrame, and wonderful lacework and embroidery have been preserved in various villages in the region. The hands of the lacemakers produce patterns in fine, nearly weightless threads that rival the frost patterns on windows in delicacy.

Craftsmen who model clay toys and ceramics also make their contribution to Orel's cultural heritage. Orel potters have their own style of painting distinct from the work of craftsmen in other regions.

The art of Orel masters has been presented twice at fairs in Germany and France, as well as in Russia (Kaliningrad, Moscow, and Sochi). The cultural legacy and knowledge of Orel masters is being carefully passed on to their children and grandchildren, who are continuing the work of their forebears."

This article is fascinating!! And to hear that rare crafts such as Macrame have been found here conjours up such rich visuals!!! Check out the article - and know that when you are creating your piece de la resistance that this is a global passion pursued by many!!! Carolyne :)

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